Virtual Neuropathy Assessment w/ Test Kit


Get One-On-One Time With Experts In The Field Of Peripheral Neuropathy To Discuss Your Questions

The Doctors at Carolina Regenerative Health specialize in the treatment of

varying types of Neuropathy. If you have been suffering from neuropathy or suspect you might have it, get a second opinion from the doctors, who are successfully treating peripheral neuropathy cases. Our Neuropathy doctors are available for a Virtual consultation, that doesn’t require that you attend an educational seminar or even come into our office for an initial visit. It can all be done from the comfort of your own home. 

The doctors at Carolina Regenerative Health are leading experts in reversing the damaging effects of peripheral neuropathy. They are inactive practice treating neuropathy patients daily and have created a home assessment test for people who might be suffering from peripheral neuropathy throughout the U.S. 

If you would like our FREE “Virtual Neuropathy Assessment w/
Test Kit” (VALUE $150) on how to recover from your neuropathy, simply schedule a Virtual Consultation (15 minutes) 

Once you have registered for an Appointment you will receive an email with instructions on how to download our HIPPA compliant Phone Application, along with forms to fill out prior to your Virtual Assessment. 

The Virtual consultation is designed to help you gain insight and perspective on your medical condition and do basic testing with our Home Test Kit.

After the consultation, you might be asked to come into the office for more testing and given a recommended action plan on the things you can do to help improve your condition so you can lead a better quality of life.

Call now and join the hundreds of people who have gotten help for their Neuropathy with our cutting edge program. Get your “Virtual Neuropathy Assessment w/ Test Kit” and reclaim your life.



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